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I am currently a senior at James Madison University. I will be completing my degree with a double major in Communication Studies, with a concentration in organizational communication, as well as, Media Arts and Design with a concentration in corporate communication.

Did Sunoco Fall Off or Completely Miss the Bandwagon?

Now that we have considered the information I have found from researching BP, Exxon, Chevron, and Shell, I have come across a gas and oil company website that hardly incorporates any social media. Sunoco has a strong shareholder tab on … Continue reading

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Shell Actually Implements a Blog!

My research is continuing in the area of corporations communicating with shareholders through social media. My next major oil and gas company that deals with shareholders and corporations using social media is Shell. I have hit on most of the … Continue reading

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Chevron Advancing Using Social Media With Shareholders?

As I continue to do research on corporations using social media to communicate with their investors, I am beginning to see a pattern of companies using different styles of social media to communicate, and which ones seem to be more … Continue reading

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Is Exxon Pushing Past BP Using Social Media?

Twitter seems to be sweeping the nation in corporations as a strong social media tool. Blogging is something I think all companies need to be taking part in. Like BP, Exxon uses Twitter to communicate information, but Exxon also uses … Continue reading

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BP Using Social Media With Investor Relations?

As I have recently stated in my previous post, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon of using social media to build shareholder relationships. Well, most isn’t everyone, and one of these companies not jumping on the bandwagon is BP. … Continue reading

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Why is Social Media Important for Shareholders?

As a college student, and as I learn more about corporations and how they work, I wonder how corporations build strong relationships with their shareholders. Besides making sure the financial ends of the company is on point, how do companies … Continue reading

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