Social Media Resume

My name is Allison Romeo and I am currently a senior at James Madison University. I will be graduating in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in corporate communication, and Communication Studies with a concentration in organizational communication.

You can contact me at:

  • allison dot a dot romeo at gmail dot com
  • romeoaa at dukes dot jmu dot edu


About Me

  • I am a very organized and dedicated person.  Double majoring has given me the tools and skills to be successful in my desired profession.  Media Arts and Design specifically has allowed me to learn and become proficient using technology and social media in corporations.  I am a detail-oriented person, and though I strive under pressure working individually, I also work well in teams to complete projects.  I value each individuals opinion, and I tend to take the leadership role during teams to make sure projects are done correctly.  My Media Arts and Design major, as well as my Communication Studies major have allowed me to improve and push my skills sets to new heights.  My internship and involvement at my school have allowed me to use my skill sets from college.  After graduating in May 2011 I plan on receiving a job that allows me to put the knowledge I have learned in both my majors to use.


  • Since my time at James Madison University I have had many courses that have helped me build skills and knowledge within the communications field.  These classes have provided me with the tools to communicate effectively both in person and through social media.

These classes include:

  • Fundamentals of Media Arts and Design l and II
  • New Media Law
  • Photojournalism
  • Print Communication Design
  • Introduction to Corporate Communication
  • Information Communication Technologies
  • Research Methods
  • Qualitative Research Methods

These classes have allowed me to become knowledgeable in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.  I have also become a competent writer, and I have acquired skills in designing research studies, conducting the study of the research, and constructing research papers.  Lastly, I have become proficient in using social media for corporate communication.

Professional Work:

  • From September 2010 until the present I have been working for Dream Careers, previously known as University of Dreams, as a Campus Marketing Intern.  I speak at organizations’ meetings around the James Madison University Campus, as well as in classes to promote the company.  The company is an internship company, which finds internships for people in the field they have always aspired to work in.  The companies are the top companies in the industry in major cities around the country, as well as internationally.
  • From May 2010 until September 2010 I interned for Rebecca Taylor, a clothing designer, in her public relations department in New York City. I performed my daily duties of updating and creating press kits, researching regional and international press contacts, maintaining the media library, photoshopping press clips, and researching sponsorship contacts for the runway show and after-party. In September, I helped to put on Rebecca Taylor’s fashion show during fashion week, which gave me first hand experience working with press, and fully helping put together a show from the public relations side.
  • From January 2009 until December 2010 I have served on the Panhellenic Executive Board. This is the board that governs all sororities at James Madison University. From January 2009 until the end of December 2009 I was the President-Elect, and from January 2010 until December 2010 I served as the President of over 1,000 women. I implemented the Be Beautiful Campaign to promote inner beauty throughout all sororities, as well as the James Madison University campus.  I helped raise over $3,000 for First Step, the local battered women’s shelter in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Recently, I implemented the mentoring program on inner beauty at Harrisonburg High School. We, as a council, are constantly striving to better the Greek community and to promote what sororities are really about.

Attributable Quotes:

  • “Allison is extremely organized and hard-working. Her enthusiasm for learning is remarkable, as is her positive attitude. Allison not only completed her daily tasks in a timely manner, but she also showed interest in how each project related to the overall picture of public relations.” – Amanda Garrett, Public Relations Coordinator, Rebecca Taylor
  • “During Allison’s service with us I admired her for her many valuable qualities, and regarding her with evermore respect. Allison was very goal oriented, and dedicated, yet easygoing and a pleasure to work with. Allison demonstrated from early in her tenure that she understood what our business is all about. She was well-organized and thrived under adversity. She kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but also realized that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks your business.” – Antonella Spina, Director of Public Relations, Rebecca Taylor


  • E-Book:  Six people, including myself, for our Information Communication Technologies class within my Media Arts and Design major designed this E-book.  The purpose of the E-Book is to help explain to professionals within the corporate communications field how to use blogs and podcasts. In explaining how to use blogs and podcasts, this book helps to show the advantages of using social media in the professional corporate field today.
  • Magazine: I have completed a magazine cover for one of my Media Arts and Design classes, Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design l. This piece was created using Adobe Photoshop, and required that we included a photo of ourselves, and that we make sure to use different design elements to highlight what a typical magazine looks like. It was finished in Adobe Illustrator, and this allowed me to continue to strengthen my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Magazine Layout: I had to complete a magazine layout for my Print Communication Design class. I had to take an already existing magazine and recreate a part of the layout. I chose a bridal magazine from Florida, and using InDesign, I recreated the layout using different pictures and changing the way the text and pictures were positioned, as well as the color of the font and background. By implementing some of the changes, it helped the layout look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Photography: As part of my major, I completed a class titled Photojournalism. This class has been my favorite class in my Media Arts and Design major; it taught me the correct techniques of using a camera, and specifically, how to visualize stories for articles and layouts for magazine and newspapers. For my final project I had to create a portfolio. I completed my portfolio with action shots, community issues, campaigns, shots I found interesting, and I recreated an advertisement. I have included the photographs I feel depict my best work, including a picture of a crowded bookstore, a picture of the outside of the bookstore to show the overflow, a detailed picture by using the aperture tool on the camera of wine being poured, a picture of a campaign for the Dream Act, and the Smart Water advertisement I recreated.


Below is a video that I produced and edited where I am speaking on the topic of my blog post from November 8 on Chevron’s use of social media with their shareholders.


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